Spotlight on Peter Luts

Peter Luts is an internationally recognized DJ from Belgium with a gift for producing chart topping original mixes. He’s a unique talent on the European dance music scene and is raising his profile fast with many world class DJ’s reaching out to him for remixes.

He started tinkering away with composing his own sounds at the age of 12 when he got a small organ instrument to inflame his innate passion for music. Shortly after he got himself a synthesizer and we could be lazy enough to say the rest is history. But then that would be forgetting to mention the incredible chart success he had in Spain, France, Switzerland, Poland, The Netherlands and even Mexico. We could even mention his extensive collaboration history with such artists as Des Mitchell, Dave McCullen, Johan Gielen, Barbara Tucker and Basto!

He’s got an impressive venue history behind him too having played in Pacha (Ibiza), Loft (Paris, France), MAD (Lausanne, Switzerland) Amnesia in Miami (USA) and all whilst being an important regular at his home turf in Belgium club Versuz.

Anyway, we’ve rambled enough before even giving you a taste of what makes him so popular. Try out this track “Arp of Noah” which we Staff Picked last week. It’s a good start to his music as it kicks off straight away and is without doubt a guaranteed club floor filler:

Peter describes his main influences in music as popular English electronic band, Depeche Mode and French composer Jean Michel Jarre which provides him a good foundation to appreciate the theoretical and technical side needed to create truly original tracks as well as drawing in influences from other genres to flavour the music with something much richer. One of our favourite tracks has to be his collaboration with first-rate vocal artist Eyelar who lends her voice to the lyrics in this inspiring progressive house track, “Turn up the love”.

It would be surprising if you haven’t already heard at least one of the releases from Peter Luts or even from any one of his aliases; Astroline, Abnea, Heliac, Outrowz, Groovewatchers, and many others. If you’d like an opportunity to attend one of his upcoming events then keep track of them here. Otherwise get listening to more of his work on his Clowdy profile.



Dylan has now been involved with Clowdy for over a year as an integral part of the creative and marketing team. In his spare time he gives the rest of the office an intense inferiority complex by being a jazz pianist, mathematically proven to be the coolest possible hobby.