Stefan Gandhi Presents: Dominique

The last year has certainly been a busy one for 22 year old producer and singer-songwriter Dominique. As a musician located in New York City, she has previously gained international success with the release of her debut single ‘It’s Only You’.

Situated in a market that has been saturated with female electronic pop music, Dominique’s electro-pop sound on the first single cut through this perceived stereotype of manufactured artists, and this was clear from the number of positive responses that had been published by various blogs and bigger publications including, but not limited to producer Steve Anderson’s Stardust Blog (who has worked with artists like Kylie, Leona Lewis & Take That), V Magazine, Wonderland as well as being added to H&M’s European Playlist. Her talent has also recently got her featured as ‘International Artist of The Month’ on the music platform Tradiio, reaching #1 in both their Global and Pop charts.

‘Don’t’ is Dominique’s follow-up single, a project that has been produced by herself and co-producer Zenif. The mainstream interest is built on the electronic soundscapes that are creatively complimented by Dominique’s angelic vocals, which has a tone that closely resembles that of better known artists such as Banks. The percussion plays a key part in the track as it provides all the elements for creating a groove that keeps the layers in the production glued together and ever driving. The chorus features interesting glitch-like FX that are cleverly used to add diversity, but doesn’t get too carried away at the same time, creating a balance in the mix that works really well throughout.

Various avenues could be approached in getting this track out there for the rest of the world to hear. An example that comes to mind would be having it as apart of a DJ’s chilled set for a festival/club environment, but it could also work in other commercial outlets too, potentially some synchronisation if that would be something Dominique’s team might take into consideration for the future.

Getting her personal thoughts on the song, Dominique says “Don’t was written to express my thoughts on the somewhat common expectation for women to be the paradoxical combination of being a ‘bad bitch’ and a ‘nun’ (chaste). In other words, very sexual but with a scarce sexual history. Rather than expressing these thoughts in a more serious way, I tried to keep a playful, teasing kind of attitude, while Zenif pulled through with a killer drop to really set the tone of the song.”

Conclusion: It doesn’t look like there’s anything holding her back from making a name for herself as a mainstream artist; fresh talent like this simply doesn’t come around that often!

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Stefan Gandhi

Stefan Gandhi

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