Steve’s Top 5 Projects

I’m Steve, the Digital Marketing Manager at Clowdy. I come today with 5 Clowd offerings straight from my ‘Like’ list. These are no particular order, and quite frankly, I’m a little disillusioned with only being allowed 5! Right, here we go.

Project 1: “Heart” by HOT BEAT REPEAT

I like good music, and ingenuity. These guys utilise a loop-pedal to give their sound the depth of a four-piece.

We saw HBR in the flesh not so long ago. We all enjoyed their KRAAK performance.

Project 2: “Tenure” by Tom Majerski

Anyone who has watched the excellent ‘The Lives of Others’ (Das Leben der Anderen) will see the obvious semblance with this great short. Stylishly shot, this is one of my favourite shorts on Clowdy.

Project 3: “Just Desserts” by James Page

I have, some might say, a dark and twisted sense of humour so this really hit the spot. Nice appearance by Lynne, of Alan Partridge fame. I’m going to resist the urge to quote Partridge now.

Project 4: “He’s Not Right For You” by Patrick Gardiner

Perhaps lured in by the tones of a fellow Northern Irishman, I have quite a liking for Patrick Gardiner and his folksy alternative sound. Definitely a little bit envious of a teenager with song-writing capabilities like this. Move over Neil Hannon!

Project 5: “Kontrol” by The Baltic States

To wrap up, I have to give a mention to The Baltic States. I hear Latvia and its neighbours are a well priced alternative to Prague these days, but I mean the band here. They lured me in with the bass in this track, if I’m honest. Decent video too.


Steve is the Digital Marketing Manager at Clowdy. He came to Clowdy by a somewhat circuitous route. He left his native Northern Ireland to study engineering at Loughborough, and shortly after went further afield to complete his MBA in the States after earning a running scholarship to the University of Tulsa.