Do you trust your freelancers?

Struggling to trust your freelancer? Well, with the growth of freelancing, you’re going to need to.

A recent report has shown that startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs are increasingly seeing freelancers as a brilliant way to fulfill their business needs. As Matthew Cordasco, CEO of MyCrowd, puts it: “People are realizing that they can quickly hire freelancers to do everyday tasks, freeing up the business folks to perform higher-value work.”

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But this quick hiring can come at a cost. If you’ve ever hired a freelancer, you probably know the uncertainty and anxiety that comes along with it. How do you know you can trust your freelancer? What are the best ways to manage the working relationship? It’s often totally different to working with a full-time employee and can feel full of pitfalls.

But it doesn’t have to be this hard. There are ways to keep control over the work and manage freelance projects effectively. In this article, we’ll explain how Twine can help you manage freelance work with ease. With Twine, you can trust your freelancer.

Trust your freelancer with Twine

If you’re tired of your freelance projects disappearing into the ether, look no further. Using Twine automatically gives you access to our full project management suite, along with our tailored concierge service that’ll help you to resolve any tricky situations. We’re really proud of our features – so take a look:

Manage your briefs

Our manage briefs page allows you to manage all your projects from start to finish in one easy place. Here you’ll see a list of all your projects on Twine, whether they’re in progress or completed. Find the project that you want to manage, and click the view project button.

Now, you’ll see the project details page with your brief details on the left, and the manage project options on the right. At the top you’ll see a banner which outlines your next steps. This means you’ll be able to see exactly where your project’s at at all times – perfect for the control freak in all of us.

Screenshot of Twine's 'Manage Briefs' page, showing the next steps in a project and payment methods.


 Our message system lets you send unlimited messages to creatives who pitch on your project. You can get to know them before you hire them – so if they’re looking a bit like they’ve recently returned from a holiday to the red flag factory, just hit decline and go on your merry way. 

Once your project starts, using Twine messages is the safest way to manage your project. You can avoid the pesky problem of getting ghosted by your freelancer – ‘read’ receipts and ‘last online’ statuses help you figure out if you’re being ignored. Email won’t let you do this.

Plus, if a dispute arises, you’ve got a log of your communication and we’ll be able to intervene. It won’t just be you alone in the scary wilderness of email with no recourse. You can trust your freelancers, and trust Twine.

Envelopes with speech bubbles saying 'hola', 'hi' and 'ciao'. Twine's messaging system lets you contact your freelancer with ease and keep track of the project. This makes it easy to trust your freelancer

Accept and decline pitches

All your curated pitches will come through to one central dashboard on your Manage Briefs page. You can easily see and compare the proposals, and decide who is best. And, once you’ve selected your perfect creative, we’ll do the hard bit for you and decline the rest. No more sleepless nights over that particular decision!

File uploader

Get all your files in one place with our file upload via Dropbox. This is perfect for those of you that are less than organised with file storage. If you can’t track down where exactly in downloads you’ve put that final file, fear no more – even once your project’s finished, your files will be safe and sound on Twine.

Plus, during the project you can send reference images and receive draft files from your creative. This helps you to develop the project in real time, and makes updating you on where your project is at a piece of cake for your creative. You won’t ever be left in the lurch without updates.

Find out more about how Twine helps you to hire the best freelance professionals here. 




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