Welcome to Clowdy!

Hello World!

Clowdy launched on 31st January 2013. At the moment we are accepting invites at the home page, so before you can start sharing your creative content you will need to have an account. We will be sending out invites as quickly as we can, so please be patient, you will all get one eventually!

So, what is Clowdy?

Clowdy is a place to discover and share the most carefully crafted content on the web. Anything you have created, whether a beautiful movie, a heartfelt song, a spectacular photo, an addictive game, a complex app for business, or a short story; you can add everything on Clowdy.

Why should I add my content to Clowdy?

Let’s say we have a musician. His name is Jimmy. Jimmy has created some remarkable songs that he recorded in his basement. Unfortunately he doesn’t have a record deal. The creative individual that Jimmy is, means he also creates artwork for his music, and has even made a mini documentary about the local show he did. At the moment he uploads his music to a popular video site, which is annoying as he needs to create a slideshow or video to go with the music. He uploads his artwork to a photo sharing site and his documentaries to yet another video site. Jimmy finds it irritating that he has to upload all this content on different services, it is very disjointed.

So what’s the solution for Jimmy? Well… Clowdy can do all of this on one simple platform.

Any questions? Please contact us on our support page, at Twitter or our contact form.

Stuart Logan

Stuart Logan

The CEO of Twine. Follow him on Twine and on Twitter @stuartlogan – As the Big Boss, Stuart spends his days in a large leather armchair, staring out over the Manchester skyline while smoking a cigar and plotting world domination. (He doesn’t really). Originally from Salisbury, UK, he studied computer science at Manchester University but was always keen to break into the exciting world of start-ups, and was involved in a number of ventures before finalising his plans for Twine. When not wearing his chief executive hat (metaphorically speaking) he enjoys harbouring unrealistic expectations for Manchester United’s future success and live music.