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I have over 30 years of experience in the film and television industries. My work began with acting then moved into film editing where I was apprenticed thoroughly in Los Angeles in a work/study program that gave me that hands-on experience. I moved on into acting again and have also been training actors for the past 20+ years. I now produce and write as well. To date, I have directed 146 half-hour episodes for TV, the majority of them in Nairobi (8 years), Kenya and some in Canada. I have several projects in development and/or production with a particular focus on a new animation series entitled Maxus about an African schoolboy who, by way of fate, becomes a superhero fighting crime with his two friends Mercy and Kaka against evil African folklore characters with a few aliens thrown in for fun! I am developing and writing a few titles; "Tribal" and a period piece "Death of the Dark Ages" are at the top of the list with a new project entitled "Polarization." One other project that I have created and is in development is entitled O.A.S.I.S. I recently signed a co-production deal with Original Pictures Inc. (Fargo, A Handmaid's Tale) based in Toronto to produce O.A.S.I.S. A story summary and story area has been developed. To quote Nicholas Hirst, CEO of Original Pictures Inc. "This is the best idea I have read in a very long time." OASIS is an international counter-terrorism, political thriller on the continent with the most untapped resources in the world, Africa. This project has just received co-development funding from the Canadian Media Fund and the South African National Film and Video Foundation. Additionally, Blue Ant Media is also funding development. I was honoured to have played a role opposite Liam Neeson in the action flick hit "The A-Team" working with director Joe Carnahan. An inspiring and fun experience for sure.WWW

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