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$2000 per day (USD)
Intermediate in: Final Cut Pro X
I have over 30 years of experience in the film and television industries. My work began with acting then moved into film editing where I was apprenticed thoroughly in Los Angeles in a work/study program that gave me that hands-on experience. I moved on into acting again and have also been training actors for the past 20+ years. I now produce and write as well. To date, I have directed 146 half-hour episodes for TV, the majority of them in Nairobi (8 years), Kenya and some in Canada. I have several projects in development and/or production with a particular focus on a new animation series entitled Maxus about an African schoolboy who, by way of fate, becomes a superhero fighting crime with his two friends Mercy and Kaka against evil African folklore characters with a few aliens thrown in for fun! I am developing and writing a few titles; "Tribal" and a period piece "Death of the Dark Ages" are at the top of the list with a new project entitled "Polarization." One other project that I have created and is in development is entitled O.A.S.I.S. I recently signed a co-production deal with Original Pictures Inc. (Fargo, A Handmaid's Tale) based in Toronto to produce O.A.S.I.S. A story summary and story area has been developed. To quote Nicholas Hirst, CEO of Original Pictures Inc. "This is the best idea I have read in a very long time." OASIS is an international counter-terrorism, political thriller on the continent with the most untapped resources in the world, Africa. This project has just received co-development funding from the Canadian Media Fund and the South African National Film and Video Foundation. Additionally, Blue Ant Media is also funding development. I was honoured to have played a role opposite Liam Neeson in the action flick hit "The A-Team" working with director Joe Carnahan. An inspiring and fun experience for sure.WWWW
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$120 per day (USD)
Expert in: Lead Vocal, Actor Showreel, Feature + 1 more
Education: Sara starting studying singing and acting at “La Comédie de Reims” and ballet at the “Sandrine Roberrini Studio” in France by the age of 9. At the age 18 she entered the “Studio International of Performing Arts” in Paris for two years. She'll keep on studying at “The International School of Screen Acting” in London and the “Michelle Danner School” of Los Angeles with coach such as Christopher Walken, Keanu Reeves, Rooney Mara, Jeff Goldblum and directors like David Lowery or Oliver Stone. Biography: It's by the age of 5 that Sara got into music after winning a child singing contest organized by one of the biggest French Radio. By the age of 15, she got her first main role in a theater play “Set! Action!” at Le Théâtre de Reims in France. The same year she started touring with the “AndreaSony Orchestra” alongside Europe. Since 2012, she starred in many play from “Five girl wearing the same dress” to “Peter Pan” or the French play “Aux Lettres citoyens” commemorating the centenary of WWI Armistice; For which the cast and crew received a decoration by Paris mayor. In October 2021, she'll starred in the comedy “Ave Katia” as Katia. Sara has been working on many films and music videos in France, UK and USA. She's the main role of the upcoming movie “Manoir Hodges” (2021). A movie that inspired an escape game opening up near Paris. Passionate about Musicals, she starred at 19 in the main role of the musical adaptation of “Nutcracker” in Paris followed by “Hair” or, also, “West Side Story” in the West End of London. Afterward she started touring as a solo artist in Europe, UK and USA, covering pop/folk songs and testing her own songs with in mind...her first album. In 2016, she's chosen to perform the National Anthem and the half-time show at the World Boxing Championship and in 2018 to perform at the Winter Olympic Games figure skating shows following the end of the Olympics. After that she decided to make a round-the-world journey to work on her first solo album expected for September 2021. Little Stories: At the age of 6, Sara started to work as a model for various brand. She keeps on working with photographers and brand for advertisement and publicities. She also catwalks for haute couture fashion houses like Kenzo or Balmain. She works as an acting coach and singing coach and in 2019 opened her own company “Musivocal” which aim to coach and help artists develop their career. Bilingual English/French, she travel continuously between Europe, the UK and the USA from project to project Website:
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