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Expert in: .NET, PHP, React Native + 4 more
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Expert in: Django, Data Science, ETL + 8 more
TECHNICAL BACKGROUND: I am a cross-functional full stack web developer experienced in building and architecting scalable systems. I've been creating web solutions since 1994, and am fluent in a variety of languages and frameworks. Backend: Most notably Python, Javascript, and PHP, but I've also been working with several other languages throughout the years. Frontend: React, Vue.js and Angular. Database experience: Various flavors of SQL database servers, such as MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, as well as SQLite for both simple and advanced custom solutions. I've worked with various NoSQL databases as well, such as MongoDB, Redis, LevelDB, and the like. I am also a veteran Linux system maintainer, and therefore able to understand and control the whole architecture of a flexible and stable backend. Understanding the whole stack from the backend to the client comes with strong experience of performance optimization from a holistic perspective. I both understand and implement security frameworks and privacy standards such as PCI, GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, and OWASP. LEADERSHIP SKILLS: I am passionate about building and leading remotely working teams that develop and maintain cutting-edge complex web services for a larger audience. With building teams and leading people comes the responsibility to transfer knowledge and inspire others. I have excellent intrapersonal skills, and am also able to deal with prioritization and diplomacy in tough situations that involve communication with both clients and developers. LANGUAGE AND WRITING SKILLS: I am on a daily basis writing both technical and down-to-earth educational documentation in English. I strive to write using correct and enjoyable English that keeps the reader in focus. I have a native or near-to-native proficiency in Swedish and English. I use Spanish on a daily basis and am on my way to reach near-native proficiency in Spanish as well.WWWW
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$100 per day (USD)
Expert in: HTML5, Microsoft Powerpoint, WordPress + 1 more
I'm Mazil a professional Web Developer and I have fallen in ❤️ with code!!.. I have started building standalone applications and programs when I was just 13 because I wanted to build my own website. overtime, I have gained experience in doing projects to develop amazing web-apps. I am a self-taught web developer with a strong eye for innovative design and a keen understanding of techniques geared toward optimum user experience. Some of my Projects: >>Advance CSS Typography Design (HTML,CSS) A beautiful website designed using advance CSS typography and using different cool fonts. >>VIDEO CONFERENCING APP (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Node.js, WebRTC, A dedicated real time video conferencing web application similar to zoom and google meet. It uses webRTC and for real time communication. link: >> SCILAB WEB INTERFACE (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Flask, Python): A dedicated web interface which connects scilab which is used for complex scientific calculations and data visualization. it also can be used as an alternative to MATLAB. source code: >> SECURED BLOG WEBSITE USING DJANGO (python: Django 1.1, html, CSS, JavaScript): To protect websites and web applications from hackers and different types of attacks like DOS, DDOS and SQL Injections and to get high scalability and extreme performance in web app and websites using Django framework. view project : Instructions : >> LAS VEGAS DICE GAME (Mobile Application : Android/iOS) @appbrewery Introduction to Flutter: (Flutter, Dart): Dice game that can make the die roll at the press of a button. With this app in your pocket, you’ll be able to settle any score on the go! Which is also compatible with android as well as iOS devices with native performance. Source code: >> RFID BASED HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Sponsor: Palange Hospital, Sangli (python, Arduino Uno, SQLite3): It’s a software which is used to manage patient records for further use and evaluation which makes the patient information very handy. Massive amount of patient records can be stored in the database and automated health reports can be generated and automatically mailed to patient’s email inbox.WWWW
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