Logo for The Cancer Card

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The Cancer Card brings a little levity to the burden of a person suffering from cancer. With physical healing being the main focus of typical cancer treatments, the patient's psychological well-being tend to be set aside. But cancer takes a tremendous toll on one's mental health-perhaps as much or even more than on one's body. The Cancer Card is a reminder that the cancer sufferer's psychological health shouldn't be taken for granted. That treatment for the body is important, but treatment for the mind should equally be prioritized. Given as a gift, The Cancer Card tells a loved one suffering from cancer that they are entitled to bouts of weariness, depression, or even rage. That they're allowed to go ahead-take advantage, and play the card. They are and will always be loved just the same. The #logo embodies the brand's values and goals. The typeface used is sleek and sophisticated but still playful, friendly, and very much approachable. Rounded typefaces (or rounded shapes in general) are often associated with feelings of safety, sweet tastes, and pleasant things. The desire is to associate the brand with lightheartedness and pleasant things. #branding #graphicdesigner FULL DISCLOSURE: - Logo is based on an existing typeface. - Pattern is based on a public domain vector-based illustration.