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Hooded cloak

Costume Designer
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Basically I would like to recreate the costumes used in the Scream movies. It is a very detailed costume and I am very particular about the details being exactly right. It took me years to find the specific fabric I want to use and I do not have any more of it so it needs to be perfect. I’ve spoken with Kathleen Detoro and she is willing to create the costume but she’s just been very busy. I have a trove of pictures with different angles so that every part is visible. The pattern will make or break this costume. There are a lot of places to mess up and I need perfection. There is foam in the hood which requires a special construction, draw strings, special closure system, as well as gloves built into the sleeves and a Velcro insert inside of the hood. This is not a costume for an inexperienced designer to attempt as I’ve seen many failed recreations of it.

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Posted a year ago
based in Austin, United States
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