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An animator for a short comedy video

Budget £71.66
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I need an animator who can make a comedy animation where a charater that represents me is looking distressed, and my friend walks over and goes “that’s lit bro” and then it cuts to a zoomed out view to show my house is on fire. and I am like “it’s burning!” with over-the-top expression, throwing my arms down. and my friend is all like “why is it burning?” and I would respond with “I dont know it was very cold, but then it got hot and now it’s all fire and stuff” and then he screams “WHY IS FIRE?!” and I would be like insert high pitch noise here and then girl walks over and is like “what’s going on?” and my friend is like “his house is on fire” and she’s like “that’s hot”. and then I say “no you” then it zooms in on her face and she’s like “awh thanks” but then it zooms out and her head is on fire and she goes high pitch noise with exaggerrated expression and then all of us do the high pitch noise because COMEDY.

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Posted a year ago
based in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Last online: a year ago

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