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Music Producer

Music Producer
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My name is Klaude Walters, I am a singer/songwriter working on my latest album.

I have written a non-fiction book called “Suicide Kills” (see more info on this project at )

And I want produce an album to accompany the book. Each chapter will be matched to a song on the album with 2 or 3 bonus tracks. Most of the songs are already written and have melodies and chords defined but I need a music producer/musician to collaborate with me and develop the album within the next few months.

I need someone who will be able to have sessions online with me to develop the ghost tracks and get them to where we know the chord progressions we want and determine the musical arrangements. Then, I need the person to develop and produce the final tracks I will use to do my vocals to.

The same person may be the final mixer and do the mastering of the album, I am not sure of this part yet. My last album was mastered by Gavin Lurssen in LA and I may use him again for this album too.

The genre that I am aiming for is acoustique blues with a spice of country and folk.

Here are some of the artists I would love to base this album on:

I am looking to pay a fee per finished song…whatever that may be.

The final product file I will require is a WAV file of the completed song as well as the project layered file in order for whoever is hired can do the mastering.

I am looking at doing 11 songs in total. 9 songs for the book and 2 bonus tracks.

I need someone who knows the genre and style I am looking to create in this project and who is well versed in similar styles.

I will require some samples of your work prior to hire.

The timeframe of this project would be 3 months.

I am not looking at sharing royalties on this project or any of this type of collaboration as this project may get picked up by a big box publisher and I don’t want the album “shareholdings” to become an issue. Therefore, this is why I am looking for a “for hire” producer I can pay per song.

I am looking forward to receiving your submissions.

Klaude Walters

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Pay to hire someone

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One-off specific project or job

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$2500-5000 (Expert)

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A few months

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2-3 weeks

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Posted a year ago
based in Guelph, Canada
Last online: a year ago

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