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Looking for an illustrator for a game poster

Budget $200.00
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I’m looking for a talented graphic designer artist to create a poster for a game I’m working on.
The game is a twisted version of Chess, pawns vs a few queens and kings.
The poster: it should be a single pawn on a tron like board, a king and queen in the distance, not near each other.

perspective should be as in
the small person represents the size of the pawn, the queen/king as the big creature.
the vanishing point should be the same, keeping the overall perspective.

board grid as in Retrowave, Purple, lines, 4K, Art 7091311433.jpg

color of grid and background as

halo should be generated from the ruff ( of the pawn, king, queen
white for pawn, for queen and king i’m open to suggesting, should be menacing color.

halo as in:



king - only cross on head block, not pointy

king and queen should be only visible by halo light and contour by diff from background (pitch black against a slightly less black background)

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Posted a year ago
based in Jerusalem,
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