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trying to get some pixel art work created for some nazi zombie themed stuff

Graphic Designer
Budget $250.00
Open job

so i have a game called total miner that im trying to get some pixel art work done for, which would be nazi zombies related stuff
i wouldnt need 3d models for these, so 64x64 style pixel art for items

the map itself is based off kino der toten off black ops 1 but i thought of implimending stuff from say black ops 3(maybe 2) and/or possibly 4, but ive never played black ops 4, so i havent a clue what they have for features in there

but a few ideas i had for stuff are:
definately perk bottles
perrk logos(like the picture of the perk? not sure though)
definately weapons…the game itself has a couple guns but they vary

but what would be cool would be to get weapon skins for the weapons featured in black ops 2 and/or 3

definately another version of the item for say the pack a punched upgrade
wonder weapons would also be awesome

gobblegum woiuld be awesome to be able to get the gums…i thought of adding that
maybe the dr montys factory stuff from bo3, but i think the only thing from that would be the vile? not sure though

maybe like the things like the nuke or firesale pickups or stuff like that

what i think would be awesome would be have enough stuff where i could create a gunsmith addition or where you can customize your weapons either with different skins or say different attachments?idk

those are just some ideas i have,idk what would all be possible, but if youre able to help then lmk

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Posted a year ago
based in East Grand Rapids, United States
Last online: 3 months ago

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