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Game animation designer

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All I need for this job is for someone to animate a video for my game. Im looking for someone to do it for free and if it is really good I will even think on giving you money. You need to be able to make a Roblox video on a Roblox character shooting a bunch of zombies coming at him/her.

This is how I want the video to run.

1st: You jump off a plane into a open field.

2nd you find some guns

3rd you start fighting a bunch of zombies.( Get creative please)

At the end can I have two different Roblox characters fighting and when two bullets colide it explodes into my Roblox game name which says Zombie Royale.

I also want a 3d designer also. You will get a mention in my game on Roblox if you do good.

– Thanks

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Posted 10 months ago
based in Honolulu, United States
Last online: 10 months ago

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