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Sweet Tooth Ruth (a pacified version of addiction)

Budget $2,083.33
7 days left
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I am a screenwriter and accountant I will save money for this project. In 2024 I will have the funds for this project but I am doing my research on the cost.

I need the art to be simple out lines of human being drawn very artistically and slim as if it were a fashion design… long thin limbs except for Ruth that looses all of his teeth and gain major weight but then return to his prior figure with fake teeth after recovering from his sugar addiction. Details should be minor I want you to be cost effective.

I need an animator with the skills to develop simple art that moves with fluidity. For a total of 5 minutes for 2,500$.

I need you to be ready fro more work.

Are you looking to pay or is this a collaboration?
Pay to hire someone

Is this ongoing work or a one off job?
Specific project or job with follow up work

How would you prefer to pay?
Day rate

What’s your day rate budget range? (USD)
$25-100 (Amateur)

Do you have an estimate of the job or project length?
Don’t know

Are you a company or individual hiring?
Personal job or project

When do you want to have the freelancer secured by?

What is most important for this job?

What length of animation is required?
5+ minutes

Do you need sound in addition to the animation itself?
Voiceover or character dialogue, Sound effects or sound design, Music

Do you have a script or storyboard for the animation?

Where did you find Twine?

Posted 23 days ago
based in Miami, United States
Last online: 23 days ago

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