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Fitness Challenge Medal Design

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The Urban Fitness Society - Tongariro Northern Circuit Medal Design Brief

We are launching a new virtual fitness company aimed at motivating people to get out and get moving. One aspect of our offering is virtual fitness challenges, rewarded with medals which we believe will help motivate our customers to achieve their fitness and movement goals. Users will sign up to complete a challenge (for example walk or run the length of the Tongariro Northern Circuit) within a chosen time-frame, then on completion they will receive a medal. Our kiwi twist, are challenges for each of the 9 great walks of NZ.

We want to get a taste of NZ’s amazing landscape out into the world - especially at a time when those from other countries aren’t able to visit.

The Ask:
Design a custom medal for the Tongariro Northern Circuit.

Tongariro Northern Circuit
26.8 miles

Include company ‘u’ icon (either solid or outline variant)

The medal design needs to have a great design/illustrative aspect that captures the essence of the trail as well as strong typography that makes the design work as a whole.

Careful attention also needs to be paid to the fact that these will be manufactured - but that is where you can have some fun. The manufacturing offers the ability to layer, and build up 3D elements.

As long as you can create a design file that indicates your intention in regards to creation, our manufacturer can create the print ready file so don’t let the technical details get in the way of your creativity.

As we scale we’d like to form a relationship with a designer to work with long term on upcoming challenges and merchandise.


  1. MyPacer

Our favourites of theirs:

What we like:
Use of dynamic compositions
Custom typography
Breaking the mould (extending outside the border)
Use of 3D elements
Use of the raw metal as a colour

  1. Conqueror Events

Our favourites of theirs

What we like:
Beautiful design
Excellent use of colour
Strong custom typography
Unique incorporation of distance

We have included in this briefing link some images of the trail and some of our rough ideas as a start but please do not hesitate to disregard these for your own great ideas!

We have also included are finalised branding.

Any questions don’t hesitate to reach out for more information before quoting.

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