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2021 Collab

Music Producer
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hi, I’d like to have a collab project in 2021
i’m a singer, songwriter, mostly dream pop, melancholic pop, dramatic pop, and meanwhile, all that is in process, I’d like to have a collab project which if you agree would be released officially.
I’m looking for something interesting, not specially liked to any particular style, so really it’s all a collab
I know lots of music producers will think now that they don’t wanna work for free etc, well a collab is a collab, so I’m really only interested in someone who is not afraid to team up.
my voice can be heard here;

P.S. we don’t know how 2021 will be so maybe it’s our year to work together and create something beautiful

Are you looking to pay or is this a collaboration?
No payment, only collaboration

Where did you find Twine?
Can’t remember

Posted 12 days ago
Private Twine
based in Brussel, Belgium
Last online: 2 hours ago

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