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Length: 60 Seconds
Tone/Style: Hand drawn. Colorful. Character Driven. Social. Upbeat. Friendly. Fun. Simple/Informative.
Sleek. Modern
Voice Over - TBD
#2 - olumo -
Style option #1 - Techy/Fresh/Upbeat
(top choice currently - KISS THE SUNSHINE)
Style option #2 - Poppy/Jazz/Upbeat/Fast Paced
Style option #3 -

Creative Brief: This shorter 1 minute video will be 100% driven by colorful
animations/characters/icons & a simple + conversational voice over. A simple 60 second script will be
provided. Bright colors/minimalist text and subtle animations will be given to icons/assets to create an
informative video following the story of ani- mated “working person” at a company. We wil show the
experience of a new startup business that moves from an idea, to a company, to partnering with growve
and growing into a more larger team, more successful company


Timecode /


:00 - :03

Tight shot of a seed. Growing sounds of a



Camera moves back to show
a head. An idea grows to a
small tree within the top of this
persons head.


A hand reaches in, pulling the
branch away from the head
and it sets on the ground.
:09 - :14 The seedling morphs into a
tree, (tree sits within store)
zoom back to see a small
store selling health and
beauty products. (we are still
within the store) Store name
“Fruily - All natural health

:14 - :19 A person at the counter
wearing a growve hat and t
shirt fist bumps the business
owner. (ie handshake)

Talking & store

(music pick up)

:19 - 24 Zoom out to the store front,
you see Fruily sign add (A
growve partner) underneath
the store logo.

Adjusting sign

:24 - :26 Zoom around the store to
reveal a truck loading product
onto a truck.

:26 - :29 Truck drives off towards city
(zoom out farther to see a

:29 - :35 Multiple trucks driving around Truck and city

to multiple cities. sounds

:35 - :40 It morphs into lines (roots of a

tree) growing.

:40-:44 You see it move past a
website of fruity as it grows
and expands

Sounds of roots
growing and moving

The lines keep moving, next
an amazon logo.
:46 - :48 Next, a social media
campaign & results
:48-:51 Zoom back to see the roots
slow down & simple tree
sprout from the ground.
:51 - :53 Text on screen

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Script, Storyboard

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Posted 14 days ago
A media & entertainment company based in United States
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