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Hour Glass Farm system

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I am looking to make an instructional video to explain how a new concept in farming can transform the way man lives and interacts with the earth! I have the design idea and some photos of the farm in its half finished form (I need to procure funding to finish it so I am making this video to promote this new concept in living life on earth - a new System of how to live free and natural) but I want to show it (I was thinking of depicting this by animation aging video similar to a landscape program for a client which shows how the planted landscape of year 1 progresses to year 2 then to year 5 and then to year 10 … etc.)
I would think that some graphs and/or charts to show productivity of food, power, etc, increases exponentially over the years with the HGF farm system
I would like to show people walking in the woods and gardens, enjoying nature, interacting with the animals and wildlife and, }working with the farm animals and cows and chickens or going to school out in nature{
I was also thinking of a way to show how, once that: When the HGF farm system ‘catches on’ and the whole world begins to start ‘HGF FARMING’ ’and then, in the video , perhaps we have a could illustrate this by a ‘zoom-out view’ and then hovering over the earth 🌍 and watch the world transformed from trashed out to green and beautiful.
Finally we see scenes of photos I have with dates and years and that transformation(regreening of earth) we watch being reversed as the HGF Farm system is introduced and the reverse happens from 2021 to ( 1 yr, 5 yr, 25 yr, 100 💯 year. ) beyond to the GARDEN OF EDEN type concept…

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