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Animated music video needed for prog rock/emo/dreampop band

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We’re an up and coming Buffalo, NY based art rock band, looking for a quality animated music video for our first single from the record we just finished recording.

Looking for something niche/quirky, maybe in the vein of Pendleton Ward’s style for Adventure Time or his other various animations. Kind of psychedelic but nothing too out of pocket since we’re not a psychedelic band.

The song is called Lovebyte, and is a rather straight forward piece about a love interest, in this case a female, draining the life of her lover through her own indecisiveness/hot and cold nature. We have a loose idea for a concept but are willing to work with you on whatever!

Also want to subtly make it a lyric video, but not centered around the lyrics. Just like type writer text maybe rolling out at the bottom of the screen in a real aesthetic way.

If this seems like something you can nail, and would like to be apart of, we’d love to work with you!

  • Jared Hill
    Snow Child

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based in Amsterdam, Netherlands
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