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Special effects rock start needed for art film

Video Editor
Budget $333.33
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Hello! I’m creating a poetry art film to be posted on Instagram in a 8x10 format. I have iPhone video clips that need some special effects added, angel wings and animals. I need someone who can make these additions look real!! Each clip is only around 10 sec in length, but the effect is only needed for 3-4 sec in the footage. The theme of the film is the warrior within. Here is a brief description of the clips (I’m willing to adjust if needed for the fee, or willing to increase fee if I can see you deliver on one example):

  1. Add a harpy eagle in the palm of my hand. I am giving it as a gift.

  2. I’m kneeling at the ocean touching or petting a baby elephant. Add baby elephant in the scene.

  3. I’m standing on a rock with words courage on it. I’m facing side and front. Add white angel wings to me.

  4. I’m touching/kneeling at a spiritual power rock. Add white angel wings to my back.

  5. I’m standing sideways at the ocean on a rock. Add angel wings. Note that wings in all shots should prob have some flapping movement.

I’m willing to pay $400 USD fixed fee for the work. Or will negotiate less scope or larger fee. Can you turn around in 1-2 days?

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Posted 2 days ago
based in Essex, United States
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