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Co-presenter for a short webinar

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Have you ever wanted to be a co-host in a podcast or webinar involving a real life athlete or hero? This is absolutely your chance. we’re hosting a club athlete on Wednesday, March 17th at 2:30pm AEST, in an online webinar. I prefer to have a co-host with me, someone with humor and a witty touch to them. This is going to be over Zoom so you can join from wherever, as long as:

a) You have an awesome laptop camera with hi-def quality so your video stream doesn’t look like 1998
b) You genuinely love sports, and know a thing or 2 about footy (Australian rules football)
c) You have a really good background at home. Certainly don’t need laundry or pet pictures to appear in the background. A nice white wall or similar will do. Importantly, good lighting is a must.
d) Being smart, witty, funny, BUT respectable and logical is the port of call here.
e) Needless to say, your grooming should be A+ for this podcast.

The webinar will run for just 30 mins, so 2:30pm - 3pm Sydney time. It can’t be done on a toilet break on the phone camera, so please ensure availability during that time.


We will absolutely own the rights to any content coming out of that session, including rights to post it offline or online.
You’ll need to sign an agreement with confidentiality and rights to content material.

Key point: Yes, the selected candidate will not only learn the name of the player, but will also need to help devise a good interview routine by providing some juicy questions to ask. We don’t want to impose our questions on anyone. Be yourself, be creative, and have fun.

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