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AI Singapore video dataset project - Gig work

Music Producer
Budget $25.00
Open job

This is a Twine managed project.

We require people of any creative background to complete this work, you do not need to be an actor, just confident you can stand in front of a camera and talk.

Please visit this web page to obtain all details on the project -
You must have read all the information before pitching on the job.

We require people to film 5 short videos of themselves talking about a chosen topic.

Must speak in English, to a good standard.

No editing is required of the videos, you just need to be confident speaking to the camera and follow all directions given to you within the instructions.

From the point your pitch is accepted we would require you to submit your 5 videos within 4 days.

When pitching on this job brief please state the following:

-You have read the brief on the link provided
-Your availability to complete the work within the 4 days
-Your suitability for completing this work
-Any other details you would like to add


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Posted 3 months ago

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