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Budget $1,100.00
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Hello! I’m looking for an animator who could help me with an animation to a song i wrote called essentially. In my vision, I see an arcade, called “ARCADE AMERICA” With “essentially approved” underneath. Inside, i see a bunch of kids, crowded around one arcade game called “InCoGnItO” In the game InCoGniTo, there’s a character(not sure how he should look besides being gray in color…, i need some creative fun insight) fighting, spinning (fire balled) ballerinas and ice spitting rats. All the character has is a loud echo stabilizer, and a one arm karate chop… The character uses all of its health (from it’s energy bag) and the last one it uses, is a super growth potion. The super growth potion makes this character 3x bigger than it’s original state. Unfortunately, the character then takes a tumble off of the building while trying to fight the spinning fire ball balletinas(game over, right?) and ice spitting rats…but as the character is falling down the huge building, risking splatting himself on a pavement of cement ending the game, InCoGnItO (another creative spin, and artistic insight appreciated. She should also be gray in color…) saves this character from the game ending, swooping the character on her back, showing the world (as if they are on a magic carpet ride as Aladdin and jasmine lol… ending the romantic cruise in the sky by taking the character back up to the top of the building, where she and him fight the crazy ballerinas and rats together(lol)… she flys aways,… ending the sequence of the story "Add Change to Continue… counting down, 10, 9,8,7, 6,5,4,3,2,1… Game Over… That’s the main story board… any takers?

Are you looking to pay or is this a collaboration?
Pay to hire someone

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Ongoing work

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Day rate

What’s your day rate budget range? (USD)
$0-25 (Collaboration)

Do you have an estimate of the job or project length?
Don’t know

Are you a company or individual hiring?
Personal job or project

When do you want to have the freelancer secured by?
1 week

What is most important for this job?

What length of animation is required?
1-5 minutes

Do you need sound in addition to the animation itself?
Not applicable

Do you have a script or storyboard for the animation?

Where did you find Twine?

Posted 3 months ago
based in Chicago, United States
Last online: 23 days ago

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