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Music Composer/Producer Needed (Single Song, Christmas Themed, Instrumental ONLY)

Music Composer
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Looking for an highly skilled musician who has excellent experience in composing and producing music, in particular songs/instrumentals.
Your job will be to compose and produce an Upbeat Musical Christmas themed Song instrumental without vocals.

Specifics and requirements include:

  • MUST be 3.00-4.00minutes long.
  • MUST have an Musical Theme.
  • MUST Feature piano, drums, bass, acoustic guitar, orchestral instruments (Flute, violin, etc) , jingle bells.
  • MUST Feature traditional Christmas sounds such as jingle bells, Glockenspiel, etc.
  • Should be fast paced and upbeat.
  • Has an catchy and Christmassy melody.

The structure of the song i am looking for:
Introduction: Quiet and quaint, slowly builds up.
Verse: Starts to get fast paced.
Chorus: Catchy Melody.
Bridge: Keeps same theme as chorus.
Verse 2: Keeps same theme as verse 1.
Repeat Chorus : Same as chorus 1.
Instrumental break
Repeat chorus: Same as chorus 1 and 2.

Payment Details:
£60 total.

  1. £30 after I hear an MANDATORY demo 1-2 weeks after job accepted so i know the track has ACTUALLY started being made.
  2. £30 once i hear full track.

Payment may be slightly deducted if track does not fit requirements and quality. The minimum payment you shall receive is £20.

Any Questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you!

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One-off specific project or job

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$25-100 (Amateur)

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4-5 days

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2-3 weeks

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2-5 minutes

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Piano, Guitar, Orchestra, Other

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Posted 9 months ago
based in Glasgow, United Kingdom
Last online: 4 months ago

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