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Animator for making "this is fine" dog meme animate as a zoom video virtual background

Budget $250.00
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I am looking for an animator. The background story, I built a website called LIVELYBG dot com for people to share high quality video virtual backgrounds for zoom meetings. One of the users asked if I can provide “this is fine” dog virtual background.

In case if you are not sure what’s that, it’s basically a popular meme coming from an internet comic by KC Green, as shown in

Later on, some people made it animates based on the meme and upload to YouTubue or as a meme gif file.

There are also other people modify similar animate and made something close to what I wanted.

However, I don’t know the copyright owner for that video, I cannot use it directly. Also I think the quality of them doesn’t meet my standard. Thus, I’ve decided to hire an animator for making a new one. I’ve already asked the original comic author and got his consent to make the virtual background video.

Here’s my requirements for the animate:

  • Size 1920 x 1080
  • Duration no need to be too long, but ideally should be smooth and need to be perfect looping
  • Can only refer to original comic and create from ground up, not editing existing animated video
  • Imitate original comic style
  • Ideally, I hope it can capture the original comic water color texture
  • No audio is needed
  • Format MP4

The video should come with two versions:

Because I am not sure if our taste for style would match, also as the “without-dog” version is simpler and the “with-dog” version is just adding on top of “without-dog” version, so I am thinking about different phase projects.

  1. single still frame image for style guideline
  2. animated background based on first still image as style guideline
  3. animated background + animated dog

For each phase project, I will pay you for that phase anyway even if we didn’t end up finish all the following phases. So say if in phase 1, we cannot find a style to agree upon, we can just stop there, I will still pay you for that part regardless.

I know this won’t be your original work, but many people would really use it as their virtual background in zoom meetings. If this project works out great, I am looking forward to make more.

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Posted 3 months ago
based in United States
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