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New Female Artist Seeks Music Career Manager

Music Producer
Open job

New female Artist, Yonka, Rapper, Singer, and Songwriter is in need of an artist manager to help take her music career from the bottom all the way to the top.

Yonka mainly works with Afton, artist booking agency, to secure and perform shows at local lounges in the city of Atlanta. Yonka also recently performed at Suki’s All Out Showcase in Miami, FL among rap star Trina, Sukihana, and Love and Hip Hop Artist, Bobby Lytes. Additionally, Yonka has secured a spot at the Litty Showcase in Manhattan, NY where she will perform for a chance to win a recording contract with a major record label and/or radio play with prestigious radio stations. Yonka is a powerhouse artist with a very unique sing and rap style and very high energy and animated stage performance. However, due to the many hats she wears as an entrepreneur to 2 businesses, a wife, and caregiver, she often has difficulty devoting her full time and attention to locating music opportunities. It’s for this reason she needs a manager who can help her secure bookings for shows, build a fan base, brand, look, etc.

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Posted 9 months ago
based in Atlanta, United States
Last online: 8 months ago

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