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I currently run a P.O. Box business. I like to automate parts of the business so I won’t be so involved.
If you have one built already, I like to learn more about it. If not, here’s what I have in mind:

I have a database of clients and their membership information.
What I would like is to have a system set up so that a month before expiration, a text message will notify clients by texting them that their po box is about to expire and offer them a link to pay by credit card or ach. Then when it is paid, have the system update the clients membership automatically. We can use stripe + twilio or if you have a recommendation, please let me know.

I also like the option to record packages by scanning with a barcode reader or cell phone and automatically text clients with a qr code when it happens. When I scan the qr code, record the package accepted. I am flexible with this solution so if you have another method of accepting packages from delivery and giving the package to the client, please let me know. Thank you.

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