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Looking for a game developer to collaborate on a small game!

Game Developer

I’d like to make some music and sound for a small game. As a way to practise making music for a game and to add to my portfolio.

So, I’m looking for a game developer in a similar position to me probably, trying to get some projects under their belt etc.

I have a couple of game concepts floating around my mind. But I’m very happy going with an idea you have, discussing something between us or maybe condensing one of my thoughts into something manageable for a small project.

I have a little bit of experience with Wwise.

I love video games! I mainly play FPS, text adventure and strategy games; like Doom (1993) and Urban Dead (2005). But I’m a very open minded person so I don’t mind what kind of game we make.

I’ve made some music for a couple of games / experiences. If you look in my Twine bio you’ll find a link to The Falling Myth, which is a video game experience about epilepsy. You can play the game at that link, in your browser.

Essentially, looking for someone to make a small game for a bit of fun and to see if something interesting happens when we collaborate!

Posted 3 months ago

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