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Christian Bible Study Media Visuals Maysville, United States

Budget $83.33
10 days left
Open job

Animator is needed in Maysville, United States.

Hello! We are a new Christian Media Company looking for skilled graphic designer/ animator.

Ability required:
2d graphics
2d animation
Adobe Illustrator
Effective Communicator

You will be working with our team to create simple, creative, appealing visuals to go with Bible study videos. We want someone with a unique style as well as someone who is a Christian that is versed in the Bible. This is an important requirement as it will make the design process smoother. Payment will be per project and if you work well with our team we will have many more jobs fpr you in the future.

Are you looking to pay or is this a collaboration?
No payment, only collaboration

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Posted 18 days ago
based in Maysville, United States
Last online: 4 days ago

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