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Creation of a Futuristic Land to wander/explore-Concept Artist/Illustrator

Budget $100.00
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We are looking for creative artists who can help us create a 3D World.
Eventually we hope for it to be a working website that people can actually navigate and shop from.
We realize that we need to start small at first.
So we’d like to illustrate a defined space/city within a world.

Which would mean we’d need a few views to start:

  • An overview/layout of the land and the ‘city’ with in it.
  • A closer overview of the layout of the city &
  • A more detailed/intimate interior view perhaps a pathway or a street.

We believe that this world is a mixture of cultures and locations/styles from all over the world working together to create a better future. It would be a mixture of old and new.

Below we have linked a Pinterest board and links with concepts and styles to help give a better idea of the concept/stylization we are hoping for.

We also believe in the creativity of the artist and want them to use their talents to help our vision come to life.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

Some links to Inspiration for this project:

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Posted 8 months ago
based in Scottsdale, United States
Last online: 7 months ago

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