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Illustrator; Animator, Motion Graphics

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Hello, I am looking for someone who is skilled in the areas your Twine profile displayed. I am in the attempts at creating a animated film production based off of the aspects and schematics of Mental Health. Utilizing the information expressed in the blogs on and the backing of those whom study in the areas of Neurology, Neuropsychology, Psychiatry, Acoustics, Esthesiophysiology, and Esotericism.

I am looking for something creatively and educationally designed scoping the neurological physiology, external and internal stimuli that is affective to the synaptics in the Synapses of the Brain with the theme drawn up similar to the Film “Osmosis Jones”. Instead of the immunology being depicted due to the onset of a deadly illness, I want the physiology of the psychological development of one who is impaired by either a conscience foe of Anesesia, Dementia or Schizo-Affective Disorder as being the antagonist; with the synergistic properties within the neurological system as the plots prop thats triggered by the protagonist. The protagonist being the form of Therapy, Acoustics. [Emboding “Acoustics” as though it’s its own personality that travels along the sound waves, generated by the vibrations that enter the body via the ear, translateable as a neurological synaptic transmission].

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Posted 2 months ago
based in Villa Rica, United States
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