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Need a shooter for a sit-down interview London, United Kingdom

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Videographer is needed in London, United Kingdom.

My name is Anthony Aalto. I’m making a documentary in Hawaii about the impact of the climate crisis on our food systems. I need to interview an expert in London. The interview will be conducted via Zoom. I need a shooter to film and record sound at the London end of the conversation, to complement the Zoom footage. We’re looking for one shooter to operate a 2-camera shoot. The cameras need to be able to cut with the footage we shoot our end on Canon C70s. The interview is set to be conducted at 7:00am on April 7th in the interviewee’s garden to assist social distancing. I’ve posted this as a half-day job, but that is to allow for set-up and tear-down. The interview itself should be no more than 30 minutes. The location is in Finsbury Park.

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