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Video Editor for YouTube Gaming Content

Video Editor
Budget $155.00
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Our team is looking for a “Creative Editor”
-This means you will be delivered pre-cut edits that need creative edits (VFX/SFX/BGM/Transitions/Animations/Etc.)

Must possess the following qualities:
-Skilled with Adobe products (primarily Premiere Pro, optionally After Effects and Photoshop)
-Immersed in YouTube, gaming, memes, and internet culture (have a great feel for the industry)
-Available 7 days a week
-Deliverables: 2 to 4 videos a week (08:00-08:15 video length)
-Long term commitment

Some of the benefits:
-Express your own creativity
-Work freely on your own schedule (we have lots of content readily available)
-Paid training (to match the style of the other editors)
-Lots of room the grow
-All digital assets will be provided
-Fun team 🙂

Budget for each video USD $150

For insight on the content, please check

Posted 8 months ago
based in Uden, Netherlands
Last online: 7 months ago

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