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Seeking Female Singer as Featured Artist; offering session fee, royalties, videos, and heavy promotion on releases.

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Producers launching a new project seek a very strong Female Singer for our upcoming releases. Someone with a voice that cannot be ignored, and always bring the maximum emotion to every song like Annie Lennox does.

Our music is in the vein of St. Vincent, PJ Harvey, Imogen Heap, but also has pop-catchy hooks. You’ll be the featured singer with a share income on all platforms, including sync licenses. (Producers have a longtime entertainment industry track record, with many contacts in film and TV.) It’s a non-exclusive contract, so you can do all your other projects, too.

Each song will be heavily promoted, and will feature your image, plus you’ll appear in videos of the song. We will work with brand new or established artists as featured (or possibly collab). No writing is required by you, just have a blast and sing like a freaking superstar ;) And, of course, do all the things singers in the 21st century have to do who are serious about their career – insta, Facebook, youtube, etc., to connect with fans. (Yeah, we aren’t crazy about having to promote, either, but it’s a chore that makes a music career possible.) You decide what your image is (of course) and we will help you convey that and push it to a wider audience. This is not for a shy singer in her bedroom, this is for someone ready to take on the world. We are easygoing and respectful to work with and we don’t create drama, but we also work very hard because life without great music would be wrong.

Please contact us if interested, we’ll listen to your samples, and if it’s a good fit, we will send you a verse and a chorus of one of our songs so you can (1) see if our music resonates with you as an artist and you wanna do it, (2) lay down a rough vocal as an audition, then (3) if we think it’s a good fit, we’ll video conference with you to make sure we are all on the same wavelength. Then If it works out, we’ll pay your day rate session fee through Twine and do a deal to have you record the first song.

It doesn’t matter what you look like or where you live, but you must sing in perfect English because that’s what we write ;) If you have a fantastic home studio, that’s swell. If not, we’ll book a local studio near you when we hire you so your vocals will sound great. Looking forward to making music with you.

Posted 2 months ago
Private Twine
based in Los Angeles, United States
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