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Short music video animation for NFT

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Hey y’all, my name is Noah, and I’m working on behalf of my client who is looking to make multiple short music videos in the range of 30 seconds to 1 minute animations.

This project is just for 2 such videos. If me and my client enjoy the quality of work you put out this could be a repeat opportunity. We are looking to put out a total of 8-10.

I’d like to move as quickly as possible, and in the spirit of that I will share the specs that my client is looking for on the project.

Here is 1 short description of a video we’d like to have done.

I would like to create a short music animation loop of the moneybot character featured in my albums: “The Prion”. The music should be 3:25 to 3:41 of this song “Copter”. The moneybot should be moving through the desolate, nasty streets of San Francisco.

  • I imagine the character rolling on a single wheel that extends beneath him
  • city filled with trash, homeless people, dirty streets, boarded up windows and shops; if you look for pictures of SF in COVID times you will understand the aesthetic.

I have linked to the album and song in the refrence material.,

In what capacity are you hiring?
As an individual for a personal project

Where are you in the hiring process?
I’m ready to make a paid hire

Would you like to state a preference for hiring from underrepresented group(s)?
No preference

Where did you find Twine?

Is this an independent one off job, or part of a larger project?
Single job with follow up work

For what period of time will the freelancer be needed?
A day or two

What freelancer experience level is needed? (per hour)
Mid-level (Industry Average): $35-75, Junior: $25-35, Senior: $75-100, Beginner: $10-25

What length of animation is required?
20-60 seconds

What type(s) of animation are you open to?
I want to discuss with the freelancer, 3D Animation, 2D Animation

Do you need sound in addition to the animation itself?
Music, I want to discuss with the freelancer

Do you have a script or storyboard for the animation?
This is an area I need help with, Storyboard

Posted a month ago
based in Austin, United States
Last online: a month ago

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