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Designer for tshirts etc - Illustrator, pdi etc we looking for HIIGH quality!

Freelance Digital Illustrator
Budget $55.00
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Looking for talented designer(s) to put our ideas to life, you will be designing prints for tshirts, hoodies, canvases. It’s going to be raw humor, puns all circled around celebrities, happenings, movies etc.
Illustrator or photoshop with high high quality is a must here.
We give you clear directives of paint pictures and explanations and then it’s up to you. Either realistic or cartoonish.

We don’t pay by the hour we pay per unit (design) and we want to order as many as possible provided work is good and both sides are satisfied with partnership.
You are NOT allowed to share the work you do, later once site is launched you can show it on ur social medias the mock up whatever up to you, but not until then and can under no circumstances ever give away the design to somebody else.
We are currently using ALL platforms for freelancers so if you aren’t that good or doubting in someway please both for your and our time pass this, or be honest from the beginning and we can make some simplier tasks perhaps. Our range of products going to have a large width so there is possibile for other works!

Just message me if you want to know more and have some portfolio which you think can be related to this!
Availible 24/7 so if you want to work you came to the right place!

**What freelancer experience level is needed?
Mid-level (Industry Average): $20-75 per unit (design)

Posted 3 months ago
based in Båstad, Sweden
Last online: 2 months ago

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