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Perfume brand packaging(bottle stickers, logo)

Packaging Designer
Budget $208.33
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Hi guys, I am looking for someone to design the stickers which will be applied to perfume glass bottles, and also a brand logo. We are an upcoming niche perfume house and would like to work on 3 perfumes packaging. Each of the 3 perfumes has a different theme and so there packaging would reflect that.

1st perfume theme is ‘UNITY’. I have pretty much a clear idea of this and a rough draft, so the work is cut out for this. And also for the logo.
2ND perfume theme is "NOAHS ARK’
3RD perfume theme is ‘Mogul empire’

I need 1) A brand logo 2) Perfume bottle stickers designs for 3 separate perfumes.

I have my own idea of what I wanted as the 3 stickers, so I am looking for someone to basically bring my ideas into real illustrations. Having said that I would be open to suggestions. I would need the artist to bring there creativity into it too.

These will be the first 3 perfumes of the brand so I am looking for someone who can provide many variations, as not be finished until we are totally satisfied.

We are not under much time pressure, so we have a good time limit.

We are a new startup so financially we are strict, we are hoping to find someone who would be reasonable in there commision fees, and if satisfied with the work, we hope to establish a long term relationship.

Alas, I am looking for someone to bring my ideas into reality, someone who can perfome many variations IF needed. We do not intend to need many but basically until satisfied.

I am looking forward to hearing from interested parties.

So I would need 4 things in total

  1. brand logo
  2. 1st perfume sticker design
  3. 2nd perfume sticker design
  4. 3rd perfume sticker design

For these 4 items I have a budget of 250 - 300 USD or there abouts in total. Not per day.

Thank you.

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Posted 3 months ago
based in Dublin, Ireland
Last online: a month ago

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