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Job Specification:
The purpose of this document to be explicit in the Customer’s requirements to ensure that both parties are clear about the scope of the commission. This is intended to avoid misunderstanding and any future dispute, and to enable the Illustrator to provide as accurate a proposal as possible. I am happy to provide any necessary clarification (in writing and by video/telephone conference) upon request.
1 Purpose & Intended Use of the Map:
1.1 This commissioned map will be contained within a printed travel book written by the Customer.
1.2 The book documents the Customer’s travels across Africa–from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa. The map is intended to be used as an aid for the reader to follow the route. There are detours (to Madagascar, Rwanda, Uganda and Mozambique) which means the route is not always direct.
1.3 As a consequence of its intended use, the map must include sufficient geographic detail on the continent. It must also include countries, cities and features to enable the reader to identify the referenced locations on the map.
1.4 The map will be used in a self-published published book and ebook (size 6 x 9 in or 15 x 23 cm). The printing company is ‘Blurb’.
2 Key requirements:
2.1 The map must cover the entire African continent, including the islands of Madagascar and Zanzibar. Other islands may be included, at the Illustrator’s discretion and with the agreement of the Customer.
2.2 The countries (i.e. the country names) must include labels, with clearly defined political borders. Details of the countries is within Appendix 1.
2.3 The cities and features which must or should, as appropriately defined, be included is within Appendix 1.
2.4 Other major geographic features (i.e. the Sahara, the Nile river) are expected to be included within the map, although no specific reference is given to them in Appendix 1.
2.5 This should be a ‘Thematic’ map, with relevant political boundaries and city locations identified.
a. All political boundaries, city locations and features should be geographically accurate; whilst the Customer acknowledges that some scale inaccuracies may be necessary.
2.6 The Illustrator may use their appropriate discretion for adding geographic features whilst noting the other requirements in this section 2 and Appendix 1.
a. areas of west, central and northwest Africa should include some geographic features, but should not include political boundaries; and
b. the Illustrator may include artistic representation of those areas.
2.7 The map should include other features, which may be illustrative of the regions, and the Customer is open to the suggestion of the Illustrator.
2.8 The map should be in a ‘realistic style’; i.e. drawing, sketch or other style compliant with that motif. It should not be a cartoon interpretation of the continent. It may take a ‘modern’ or ‘historic’ interpretation of the continent, please advise the intended approach.
2.9 The map should include a depiction of the route travelled by the Customer through the continent. The route follows major roads, three long-distance railway lines and flights. Other highways and/or railway lines do not need to be captured.
2.10 A map ‘key’ may be included which (subject to agreement) helps the reader understand the path for travel by vehicle and a dash for travel by airplane (this is an example only). The key may include other items, at the Illustrators suggestion, and contents of the key may be amended by agreement. The Customer will take feedback from the Illustrator on the necessity of a key.
a. The Customer will provide a publicly available, non-copyright map which will marked by the route taken. Alternatively, this can be provided in any form which is deemed appropriate by the Illustrator.
2.11 The project should include an initial draft, to ensure agreement of the developing concept to ensure that approach is correct.
2.12 An electronic file will be provided, which may be used in Affinity Publisher and is compatible / appropriate for its intended purpose within a published work.
2.13 Completion of the map has no deadlines, although it should be completed within 2021. The Customer is more interested in a quality product, rather than one that can be delivered quickly!
3 What it should not be:
3.1 The map should not be a ‘fantasy’ or ‘cartoon’ map.
3.2 It should not depict people–to avoid any discriminatory or racist images.
4 Bid submission:
4.1 The Illustrator’s proposal should include an acknowledgement of this Job Specification and each of the Requirements (paragraphs 2.1 - 2.13). The proposal should reference relevant aspects of this Job Specification to demonstrate understand of the requirements of the commission.
4.2 The proposal should include the Illustrator’s approach, artistic style and the ‘vision’ of how the end product will look. This may include any artistic decisions or input required from the Customer.
4.3 The Illustrator’s proposal should also include:
a. proposed charge, including the currency;
b. payment schedule (whilst noting paragraph 6.8 below);
c. whether VAT applies and if so, please note whether this is included within your quote;
d. agreement to the conditions (paragraph 6), specifying any areas which they wish to discuss and/or the inclusion of any additional conditions;
e. duration of the commission;
f. any dependencies upon the Customer;
g. confirmation of what will be provided to the Customer at the end of the commission (files, file types); and
h. the proposed charges requested in the Options section 5 below.
4.4 The Illustrator should include examples of their work which may be relevant to this commission.
4.5 It would be useful if the Illustrator could highlight any aspects of this Job Specification which, in their opinion, adds significant costs. This may be areas of significant costs for any reason, or additional costs where the Illustrator does not believe it represents value to the commission.
a. This would be an area of discussion and potential removal from the scope.
4.6 Please provide any opportunities/options which might reduce the overall costs, for example a longer delivery timeline.
4.7 The proposal is requested to be provided in a word document format. Please provide structure to your proposal to enable the Customer to fully assess it.
4.8 Please provide any information which may be relevant to the commission. For example, any assumptions or dependencies which may be necessary for me to view/review or utilise the works. You may also reference any challenges or lessons learnt with other clients which may be applicable to this commission.
4.9 Please note that the Illustrator may be requested to provide a reference of another commission for a similar purpose (i.e., illustration or map which was published).
5 Options:
5.1 Please provide the priced options for the map to be provided in:
a. colour;
b. black and white;
c. and for both (colour, and black and white).
5.2 Please note any technical challenges, or limitations to the options requested in 5.1 above. Please advise if using a colour map in a printed black and white format would likely cause a problem.
5.3 Please provide a high level cost estimate for creating individual country maps (for a total of 12 additional maps (Zambia/Botswana to be combined)) which be included within each Chapter heading. The style of each country map should be consistent with the overall map theme being created, although each will include more detail for the relevant country and a ‘route map’.
6 Conditions:
6.1 The copyright of the created map will transfer to the Customer.
6.2 Subject to request, a licence will be provided to the Illustrator for the purpose of reproducing the works as part of any portfolio. The map must not be used for any other purpose by the Illustrator.
6.3 The Illustrator is responsible for ensuring that the works provided are not the copyright of any third party and the Illustrator has the appropriate copyright ownership to transfer it to the Customer.
a. Should the works be subject to a copyright claim, the Illustrator shall indemnify the Customer against any claims and refund all fees paid by the Customer; or
b. The Illustrator shall settle the claim with the copyright claimant to enable the Customer to own the copyright uncontested.
6.4 All relevant source files will be transferred at the end of the commission as part of final acceptance of the works performed.
6.5 Subject to 6.6, two revisions should be included, and the Illustrator shall provide the price of any additional revisions.
6.6 The customer shall not pay, nor utilise an ‘allowed revisions’, for any re-work required as a consequence of Illustrator errors, or non-compliance with this Job Specification. This
includes works carried out which are not consistent with any agreement between the parties.
6.7 Any changes to this Job Specification should be agreed in writing.
6.8 The fees agreed shall be subject to 50% being retained until final acceptance of the Map by the Customer.
6.9 Copyright of the map will not transfer to the Customer until the agreed fee is paid.
6.10 The Illustrator will be credited within the printed book/ebook.
Appendix 1:
NB. insufficient space, please enquire and I will send additional information.

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