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Conceptual storyline animations to go along with an album

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I am Allan, a musician, from Brasil.

I need somebody to make animations that will go with an album. The record is kind of long, so there is a bunch of stuff that has to be done, but I don’t have deadlines at the moment.

It’s called “The Call Of The Princess”.

Our main characters are a crippled girl and a hallucination of a hippie-like woman that has a godly, synesthesic appeal to her. This woman is “the princess”, and she is the portrayer of liberation to this girl, that walks along with her through the story, re-visiting past experiences and helping her reach the conclusion that she has to let go of her life situation. She convinces her just by enchanting her with her liberty and values, making her believe that there is a chance she can overcome her predicament.

The music is somehow ecletic, but it’s got quite a pop appeal overall, with a psych-rock edge to it that comes from my style of playing/production naturally. I unfortunately do not have rough mixes yet to show, because tracking is not all done yet.

Thank you for your time, whoever is reading this…

Posted 5 days ago
based in Centro, Brazil
Last online: 2 days ago

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