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Video Editor in Dehradun Dehradun, India

Video Editor
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Video Editor is needed in Dehradun, India.

Looking for an experienced Video Editor based in Dehradun. You will work with a team of Happy Groovy Lucky, a travel channel which runs it’s travel series on Facebook and YouTube.

Required Experience

  1. Computer skills- Must be experienced with a sophisticated video editing software.
  2. Creativity- You should be able to imagine what the result of the filming or editing will look like to an audience.
  3. Visual skills- You must see clearly what you are editing in the post-production process.
  4. Animation- A good knowledge about animation.
  5. Graphics- Graphic designing experience will be a plus for this job.

To be a best fit for this job you need:

  1. Communication- Ability to communicate your thoughts clearly.
  2. Dedication- to meet project deadlines in a timely manner.
  3. Attention to details- Even the smallest error will be noticed by the video audience. It is important as a video editor to be thorough and manage every detail of the video editing process.
  4. Flexible- Throughout the video production process there will always be changes so you will need to be flexible and adaptable.

If you are interested, please reply with your prior experience.

Posted a month ago
based in Dehradun, India
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