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Independent film Singapore

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Actor is needed in Singapore.

Independent Film - Project will not be publicly available to view.
We are not much familiar how this website works, anyway
If you are interested in any one of the position please contact me

  • screenplay writer who can assist in scene creation (Film Genre: Anthology, Vengeance, Drama)
  • Lead Actress (Race: Asian, Age: 25- 45 years)
  • Supporting Actress, multiple roles (Race: Any, Age: 8- 65 years)
  • Male Actors, multiple (Race: Any, Age: 25- 65 years)
  • Hair and Makeup Artist
  • Film Editor

Project is scheduled to start in August 2022. You will be required to work on multiple days on different locations in Singapore.
Depending on you role you will be paid whole sum one time. Please note that maximum budget for all roles is S$1000.
We will be advertising these positions soon (Jan 2022) on our own website.

Thank you.

Posted 2 months ago
based in Singapore, Singapore
Last online: 2 months ago

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