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Budget $50.00
Open job

Actor is needed in Toronto, Canada.

I am making a music video to get into people’s hearts the need to fight for a sustainable planet.

I need actors to play the part of children.

Our scheduled shoot date is October 25, rain date October 28. We plan to shoot at Toronto’s scenic Scarborough Bluffs.

I’m ready to make a paid hire

This is a single job with no follow up work

3 hours work

US$30/hour - CA$40/hour

Role description:

In scene one, oil executives with their clown noses shoulder the beautiful coffin of Mother Earth, before the weight becomes too much for them and they pass it on to a group of parents. (10 seconds duration) The parents are horrified and overwhelmed by the weight of the coffin and the responsibility it entails. After about 10 more seconds, they reluctantly pass the coffin on to their children who heroically struggle with it for about 10 seconds before easing it down to the sand beach.

In scene two, the children take over. They ride the businessmen horsey-style and take them around the sand wheel barrow style, and arrange them into a human pyramid - three layers high - and put solar panels on them. The panels are props, very light. No worries. (duration: 90-120 seconds)

Monday, October 25, starting 8am, hoping to finish by 11am. Rain date: Thursday, October 28

Posted 2 months ago
based in Toronto, Canada
Last online: 19 days ago

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