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CLIMATE CRISIS ANTHEM - Music Video Toronto, Canada

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Actor is needed in Toronto, Canada.

I am posting as the producer of the Climate Crisis Anthem music video project.

We need boys aged 4-14 to work with our children ensemble for our video shoot.

Time & Date: starting 8 am on Monday, October 25 (rain date: October 28)

Location: a beach in Scarborough

We will abide by COVID protocols, starting with a test, and remaining masked and socially distanced when off camera.

Below is a description of the intersecting roles of Oil Executives, Parents and Children (All Genders).

Oil Executive - Everyone gets a clown nose. In scene one, you shoulder the beautiful coffin of Mother Earth. In scene two, the children take over and take you around the sand, wheel barrow style and arrange you into a human pyramid - three layers high - and put solar panels on you. The panels are props, very light, as is the coffin. No worries.

Parents - When the “burden” of Mother Earth’s coffin becomes too much for the oil executives to bear, they pass it on to you, then you struggle with it for a bit and regretfully pass it on to the waiting children. It all happens in about 25 seconds.

Children - In scene one, they heroically take up the coffin their parents have passed on to them and struggle with it for about 10 seconds, before it becomes too much and falls to the ground. In scene two, the children take charge, commandeering the clowns, doing useful work and arranging the clowns into a pyramid with solar panels on top.

Pay - You will be paid by the usual Mandy protocol. This is my first interaction with Mandy. I am sure I will figure it out.

Let me know if you have any issues or questions. You can find more details about this project here:

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based in Toronto, Canada
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