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Birmingham Corporate Video Birmingham, United Kingdom

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Actor is needed in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

We are a small production company, miller 29 (

We are heading to Birminghman on 28th October 2021 (this week) and are in need of an actor for the full day. THe film we will be shooting is a corporate video for a boutique estate agency in singapore with a series of developments in the works in Birmingham. We want to create a film that shows of the city and articulates why it is such an exciting and dynamic city and worthy of investment.

The role of the actor will be as a runner, making their way through and around the city which will allow us to connect up all the various locations we wish to use by using the runner as an editing device to tie everything together and add some dynamism and motion and human engagement to the film.

Below is an example of what we will be aiming to create on the day.

We are ideally looking for a male between the ages of 25-45.

Get in touch if this interests you.

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On behalf of my company

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I’m ready to make a paid hire

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Corporate film

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Full day

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Yes, the date(s) are confirmed

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