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Cartoons to explain health issues

2D Animator
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I’m a GP based in NZ. The pandemic has shown us how much people need accurate relatable information about health related matters. I would like to develop some cartoons which explain basic health issues which are difficult to treat, such as diabetes, as well as the conditions which have controversial treatments such as statins and of course, vaccines. I’d like to play these in the waiting room while patients wait for their appointment. I’ll probably set up a YouTube channel so they are available more widely to anybody who is interested. Humour is a very important tool to get the message across. The animations should be less than two minutes. And they will need to reflect the composition of the NZ population with characters who are Maori, Pakeha (European) and Pasifika using voices and visual portrayals that are compatible with these populations, as well as the activities and the lifestyles they enjoy. Some liaison with voice actors in NZ will probably be necessary and it will be a huge head start if you have some cultural understanding of these populations, or have spent time in NZ yourself. Health literacy here is significantly worse than the UK and US and consequently the content will need to be pitched at a level which resonates with people here. I would like the cartoons to graphically illustrate the science of what they are showing. This project is about scientific communication. It is about taking a complicated subject, simplifying it to its core bones, and communicating this to people in a humouous way so they feel safer and make informed decisions. , ,

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As an individual for a personal project

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I’m ready to make a paid hire

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No preference

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Part of a larger ongoing project

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A day or two

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Mid-level (Industry Average): $35-75, Junior: $25-35

Posted a month ago
based in Napier, New Zealand
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