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Bella Traicion South Houston, United States

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Actor is needed in South Houston, United States.

Good evening.

I am a film student working on a short film for my TV/Production class at Houston Community College. It’s a horror/period piece film in the 1950s in Michoacán, Mexico, based on actual events my great-grandfather went through.

The story is about how the main character, Silverio Garcia (a sexist Mexican man), catcalls a woman, and then the woman results to ve dead and wants to kill him.

In what capacity are you hiring?
As an individual for a personal project

Where are you in the hiring process?
I’m planning and researching

Would you like to state a preference for hiring from underrepresented group(s)?
Yes, I have a preference

Please select your preference(s) for hiring from underrepresented group(s). (Preferences will be included within your brief and will not serve as a criteria necessary to pitch)
Ethnic Origin, Gender, Age

Where did you find Twine?

Is this an independent one off job, or part of a larger project?
Single job with no follow up work

For what period of time will the freelancer be needed?
Best part of a week

What freelancer experience level is needed? (union rates per hour)
Junior: $25-35

How many actors do you need?

What best describes your project?
Independent film

For how long will the actor(s) be needed?
Multiple days

Do you know the date(s) the actor(s) will be needed? (Please give details in job brief)
Yes, but the date(s) are flexible

Posted 17 days ago
based in Houston, United States
Last online: 17 days ago

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