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Loop Animation Need for Existing Designs

2D Animator
Budget $208.33
24 days left
Open job

We are looking for someone to added animated grass, sunlight rays, etc. Up to potentially 10 different items all in a similar style for our webpage. We have an artist/animator on our team since all of this is being made to go on our website, but we just want to speed up our process.

We need it to get done in 2 days for us to be able to hand this all over to our developers who are starting Sunday on the implementation of the designs?

Please see our website art to get a sense for what our art style is:

See this link to get a sense for what we mean when we say loop animation:

In what capacity are you hiring?
On behalf of my company

Where are you in the hiring process?
I’m ready to make a paid hire

Would you like to state a preference for hiring from underrepresented group(s)?
No preference

Where did you find Twine?

Is this an independent one off job, or part of a larger project?
Single job with no follow up work

For what period of time will the freelancer be needed?
A few hours

What freelancer experience level is needed? (per hour)
Junior: $25-35, Mid-level (Industry Average): $35-75, Beginner: $10-25

Posted 6 days ago
based in Blanchard, United States
Last online: 6 days ago

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