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Illustrator is needed in Auckland, New Zealand.

I need a poster designed for a 1-man show about an 11 year old boy (Nathan) with mental health issues in a boys boarding school in the 1960s. The designer and illustrator would need to empathetic to Nathan to depict him. Nathan is anxious, awkward, weak, slightly unkempt and does not relate well to the other boys; he is nevertheless bright eyed, intelligent and likes to talk to anyone who will listen. He is scared of being punished and losing composure, but gets upset easily. He also scribbles in books in a (pathetic) attempt to get the book. I looked on pinterest to find illustrations that could be Nathan and found only one which is shown below (though he’s a bit too cute for Nathan and Nathan would be in a school uniform with shirt kind of tucked in etc) . After a brief zoom chat to see if the illustrator is likely to be able to do it, I would then perform my show for the illustrator when I would also show them photos and a drawing of my own of an anxious younger boy in a style I like. The illustrator would then produce some sketches and I would decide from them, and then the illustrator would produce the poster which could then be printed off. (If this process works well I would use the illustrator / designer for 1-man shows I am planning in subsequent years.

In what capacity are you hiring?
As an individual for a personal project

Where are you in the hiring process?
I’m ready to make a paid hire

Would you like to state a preference for hiring from underrepresented group(s)?
No preference

Where did you find Twine?

Is this an independent one off job, or part of a larger project?
Single job with no follow up work

For what period of time will the freelancer be needed?
A few hours

What freelancer experience level is needed? (per hour)
Mid-level (Industry Average): $35-75

What types of illustration are you open to?
2D, Realistic, I want to discuss with the freelancer

Posted a month ago
based in Auckland, New Zealand
Last online: 16 days ago

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