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Hello, I’d like to have art made for the below poem.

The poem is about a Ukrainian woman, the war and love.

In January, it is before the war, normal life. February brings war. March brings love that she cannot entertain. October is return after the war. The references to Ariel, Prosperous & Miranda are from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

This is just for me (actually for the woman), and I’m trying to keep the budget reasonable.

Let me know what you think.

Here’s the poem.

Tiger’s Eyes

Steel green tiger’s eyes.
Like stones by the still, pink water’s shores in January.
The pink water reflecting only what she wants you to see.

About yourself.

She playfully swats at droplets of curiosity sparkling from the morning mist lifting from the still, pink water.

Rolling around to scratch her back, she shakes off her admirer’s gaze.
Hiding in plain sight behind a majestic tapestry of chestnut and chocolate.
Invisible as Ariel.

February’s quiet storm erupts with emptiness,
Interrupting her grooming, her head cocked.

She is still.

Her sharp, experienced claws will not bring down prey.

For the time being.

Her life depends upon the pads of her paws.

To run.

Velvety ears hear further than the steel green eyes see.
Driven methodically forward by the instincts of life.
Every crash, boom and roar strengthen her fragile resolve for self preservation.

She listens only to herself.

March teases hope.
By the jagged edge of snow capped mountains, unable to move swiftly –
Slowed by the thin air.
The sounds faded, audible only every now and then but more often obscured by anxious despair.

The first blooms of spring, an array of carnival colors.
Unsettled anxiety, like the night before a schoolgirl’s exam.
Confident and nervous.

And resentful.

Whimsical magical illusion, adolescent, cannot penetrate her armor.

She will not allow it.

She could not.

Not now.

She will not allow it.

She will survive, she knows.
Though not like before.

But curiosity will not even distract her.

She will not allow it.

She could not.

Not now.

October returns to a shipwrecked island near the pink water’s shores.
The mist lifting, moonlight bouncing off tiny droplets of prideful sorrow.
The still, pink water reflecting her essence, no longer concealed from herself.

Younger now, she knows far less than before.

About everything.

About herself.

The harvest season marred with fresh, unhealed wounds.
Not the comfort of warm loaves of crusty bread from fields of golden wheat, slathered with butter.

The conspiracies of Prospero’s wizardry set Miranda free.

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